OK, here is the deal in a nutshell.  John Prevette is now actively looking for a job due to the fact that Occidental Petroleum (the company he is currently working for through RHI Consulting) is relocating their IT folks to Houston.  He really likes his current job but they are going to close the doors by August of 2002 so something has to happen before then.  The possibilities are that he may relocate with Oxy to Houston, may relocate back to Nebraska, may stay in Tulsa with another employer or continue consulting through RHI.  An interesting tidbit of information for you is that recruiters (the folks that find people jobs) can be paid up to 30% of an employee’s annual salary as a “headhunting fee” which is a fair chunk of change.

  So, considering all of these facts, YOUR opportunity is to be the person with the critical knowledge to find John Prevette the perfect job.  For your efforts, you will be compensated in the amount of $2,000 (a referral fee).  Maybe you thought all of that time you spent networking with people has never done you any good?  Well, here’s the chance to make it pay off.  The $2,000 will be awarded to the individual who is MOST RESPONSIBLE for a successful referral according to the following guidelines:

1.      You must provide information about a potential job and a personal contact at a company (a “referral”) that will provide a job to John Prevette by sending an email to “webmaster@infoman.net”.

2.      Once hired, John Prevette must be employed by the company for a six month time period after which the $2,000 will be paid.

3.      The referral is considered to exist (and is thus “timestamped” in the case of ties) once an email with the referral information is sent to the address “webmaster@infoman.net”.  In the case of multiple referrals for the same job, the earliest timestamp will win.

4.      This offer does not extend to any professional recruiters or employers that John Prevette is currently working with or will be working with in the future unless, when the first contact between John Prevette & the recruiter/employer is made, this offer is stated as a reason for the contact.  (In other words, this offer doesn’t count for recruiting professionals that are already paid by their employers for this type of work unless their first contact with John Prevette is due to this offer)

5.      It is possible that the referral fee may not be paid out if John Prevette finds a job on his own by finding a position or through current or future professional recruiting contacts.

  So, the concept is to compensate you for the knowledge that you have acquired.  Such suggestions as “look in the newspaper employment adds” or something similar are not going to be considered a referral.  The objective is to simply encourage those folks that may have the “essence of a headhunter” within them but they need a part time opportunity to bring this ability to the surface.  Also, not to be excluded are those folks that just happen to be “in the right place at the right time”.

  Well, lastly, let’s give you an idea of what type of job John Prevette is looking to get.  In his current job which he likes very much, he is basically a Web-based Systems Engineer who is responsible for building Internet & intranet web application server solutions.  He is not a programmer so he does not write code such as HTML, C++ or Java.  He does, on occasion, make minor modifications to scripts, batch files, and some code though.  Typically, he works with developers that already have a programming specialty to develop complete web-based application server systems.  His job duties are to specify the hardware, purchase/assemble/upgrade the equipment, install the operating system & support software, and then finally install the provided vendor or home developed applications into a complete functioning system which is then maintained, troubleshot, and upgraded over time.

  A link to John Prevette’s resume is provided below but, in summary, his background covers 7 years of engineering and 8 years of IT experience supporting engineers and other user & developer groups.  He has undergraduate and master’s degrees in engineering, he is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and has other related computer certifications.  John also has several leadership positions on teams and with professional organizations.

  John’s specialty is Microsoft Internet Information Server, Windows NT & Windows 2000, the Internet and security technologies.  He has significant experience with firewalls, DNS and additional experience with large-scale email and virus scanning solutions.  He really enjoys learning new things and he would like to expand his knowledge of SQL databases, routers, and Windows 2000 Active Directory architecture.

  A good “company fit” for John is probably a company with a few hundred to thousands of employees since these are the size of companies that have a need for the highly specialized web solutions & servers that he typically deals with on a day-to-day basis.  A big benefit to John would be a flexible work schedule and a location that minimizes time spent on travel to and from work.  All in all though, the perfect job probably doesn’t exist so he is looking for the best combination of benefits and, of course, adequate compensation.

  This offer is now in its infancy but you will always be able to find the current documented offer at the following URL.


  John Prevette’s resume can be found at the following URL in Microsoft Word format.


  Thanks for reading and I wish you (and thus me, John Prevette) the best of luck!  ;-)